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Saturday, 7 December 2019

Ekam kasoti solution standard 6 Social Science 7/12

Ekam kasoti paper solution 7.12.

Unit test ekam kasoti solution of standard 6 Social Science 

Today is the test of GCERT UNIT TEST of standard 3 to8
Recently they changed the time table of Ekam kasoti sem 2 of 2019/20
If you want to download time table then click on below link
Ekam kasoti sem 2 new time table 2019
As per the time table today  the there are paper as per described below
Ekam kasoti solution Social Science std 6 . 7.12.19

STD 3 - No test
STD 4 - No test
STD 5 - No Test
STD 6 - Social  Science 
STD 7 - Hindi &Sanskrit
STD 8 - Science

Ekam kasoti solution of standard   6to8
Ekam kasoti also described as PAT periodical assessment test solution of standard 3 to 8

YOU can download a question paper on above link and if you want to download  a Solution then click on below link

Solution of ekam kasoti paper 

    std 6 |std 7|std 8

Ekam kasoti started last year in the second term and still going on Gobernment make some changes also in this ekam kasoti of Standard 3 to 8
Earlier it was weekly but now they reduces the number of saturday having this ekam kasoti noe they combined two papers as hindi and sanskrit on same day so on three saturady there will be ekam kasoti of std 6 to 8 and on two saturday for standard 3 to 5

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