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Tuesday, 20 August 2019

Gyankunj school list 2019

Gyankunj school list 2019

Gyankunj is a most effective programme which is welcomed by the teachers in recent time .Recently there is an announcement of gyankunj school list which be given a gyankunj project.

What will be given as Gyankunj project

Under gyankunj project school will be given 2 sets of computer ,projector,white interactive board and preloaded study materials with necessary programmes.

What is Gyankunj

Gyankunj is a very important project of education department of gujarat which is  very succesfull introduced in year 2017 18 .In this project there were two class had given 2 laptops and two projector with 2 interactive whiteboard for effective learning with audio visual contain also provided by the SSA.And also highspeed internet connection given to use any referance material or video for the learning.
RAM updation of Gyankunj laptop
Earlier the RAM was 2 GB for the laptop given in the laptop so it was little difficult two play high quality to solve this problem SSA comes with the solution and asked for the RAM updation of the same Laptop..Also they advised that tobsolve any difficulty this time beacuse after updation the warranty period will be over so school has to spend thier grant for the repairing after updation.
Gcert and gujarat government always trying hard to improve the quality of education in government primary school. In to this way earlier they came with the programme named
To see full list of Gyankunj school list 2019 click on below link
| School list|

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