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Thursday, 30 May 2019

Unit test time table 2019 Gcert

Unit test time table 2019 Gcert-From last year gcert includes Periodical test every week in standard 3 to 8 and current year he continues the programme of periodical test this year and tentetively it will start 29th june

Unit test Gcert
Unit test time table 2019 gcert

     gujarat education department always in worry about the quality education in government primary school. And they always making some innovatuve ideas for the improvememt .like Last year ther was a programme name Gyankunj was there.

This year the number of expierement goes high as they introduced many prohramme like
Mission vidhya
Periodical test
Nidan kasoti
External supervision in examinition

In periodical test they arrange a test of differnt subject on every saturday and teacher have to exmined it and uplod marks to the webportal

To download the unit test time table 2019 Gcert of standard 3 to 8 click on below link

Also read the instructions of praveshotsav 2.0 here

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