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Wednesday, 22 May 2019

Election result live update

Election result live update- 23rd May vote counting day ,get live result update on mobile

            Loksabha 2019 result
will be declare on 23rd may and whole nation is excited because it these results will decide the governing body of whole nation.In India Election is a grand festival of democracy. India is the largest democratic counry and thus election is the most imporatant factor in the developement of country.
Live result loksabha 2019

             Loksabha Election 2019 is the most intresting this time because all the parties put thier all efforts to win the maximum seats in this election.there are many controversial statements comes from the all parties this make more intresting.Ruling party is hoping that they will remains in the power while other side oppsition came together this time and giving a good time in the battle field. 

   Some facts about loksabha 2019

  1. This is the 17 th loksabha election
  2. Total number of seat 543
  3. Needed for majority 272
  4. There were total  seven phase of this elction from 11th April 2019 to 19th May 2019
  5. There were about 900 million voters in the voter list
  6. Among them 468 million were male
  7. 432 millions were female voters
  8. 38325 were third gender
  9. .15 million were the first time voters 
  10. 71735 overseas voters enrolled
  11. Almost 2000 parties in this election
  12. Almost 8000 candidates in this election
  13. 1035918 polling stations
  14. 3.96 evm and 1.74 million VVPAT used 20625 VVPAT slip will be counted.     

           Live updtes of result            loksabha 2019   

Whole nation is eager to know the results of this election. We are providing you the link to see live results update anywhere on your mobile
To see the live result click below  to see the live news channel and stay updated with results 
         Links for the live tv channels


Get live updates of result on official website of election commision click below link
Official website

For official app

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