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Thursday, 23 May 2019

Download official app of election commision of India

Download official app of election commision of India

Official app -ECI ,Election commision of india launched official app for voter for all the necessary activity regarding will get the most advanced updated result on officail app of ECI for voter

Features of App

  • Electoral search you can search your name in voter list of your respected constiteuncy by your name or your EPIC number
  • Submission of forms of new registration shifting or deletion or any objection
  • Register any complain regarding electroal process and know its status
  • Faq on voter,evm and any results
  • Find the election schedule in your area
  • Find all the candidates all details
  • And for the now most imporatnt you can get latest updates of result loksabha 2019
  • Download the official app by click below images
    Official app of ECi

Vote counting of loksabha 2019

Vote counting will start at 8.00am on 23rd may and immidiately you will start to getting updates about the result on this official website of election commision of India . 
This the best way to get updated with results being anywhere you dont need to be at home for watching the news channels and you also not get bored by hearing a useless discussion of the news channel .results will be updated automaticaly with trends and you will have all the latest updates regarding to this results.
Waiting for result of Loksabha 2019
          Whole world's eye is on the results because it will decide who will rule over India for next five years and thus India is the largest democratic country so the result will affect whole worlds political situation so whole world eager to know that who will win the election and come in to the power.
        There are 543 seats results will be declared and for the majority party will have to obtain 272 seats .the party who will achieve this number or more will rule over india for next five years and it will decide the future of india for next five years so it is the most important day for india .

Click  to see result on news chanel

Click here for official website

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