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Saturday, 25 May 2019

Ban on Tution

Ban On Tution- Last evening there was a very daunting incident happen in the Surat city  which left 20 children dead in a fierce fire in the Taksashila apartment.

Ban on the tution classes
Ban on tution clasees

Following the incident, the municipal commissioner of Ahmedabad has banned the tution classes till  23/7/19.As we know now a days many tution classes are there in the cities and most of them running without any safety practses as they dont have any fire safety instrument or any other disaster management skill or service .So government comes in working mode and banned all the classes in the city.

When will start again

Once the owner will have proper disaster management and fire safety then they will issue a certificate then they will think to give the permission to reopen the classes.On the the other way goverment approved organisation and school wont come under this ban.
To read the official letter of muncipal commitioner click on below link

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