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Thursday, 4 April 2019

Invitation To Mr Vinod rao secretory primary edu.department.

Invitation To Mr Vinod rao secretory primary edu.department

Before some day secretory of primary education department released a audio message to the teacher and other person who belongs to education field .
In that audio he asked school to complete the work given to them regarding standard 2 .and asked to invite him for the assesment .
Mr .Rao took many major changes in the system of primary school. As he introduced mission vidhya,unit test,online attendance.standard 2 upcharatmak kary.He not only announced the all project but he paid full attention on monitoring too.And he forced to teacher to work as their potential.
Now the school of gandhinagar district come forward and take initiative and invite mr Vinod Rao for standard 3 assesment before 15th.

BORIJ primary school of sector 21 of gandhinagar's standard 2 class teacher accept the chelange and completed given work by the her effort and asked Secretory to come and check her work.weldone mam.and lots of congratulation to their team too.

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